Visit Chambrelan for the best Heavy duty applications!

Chambrelan company vary of roller bearing drawer slides is intended for significant duty applications. As a manufacturer for over sixty years, they have got a deep understanding of slippy system problems.

You will get load capability and longer lengths

With nearly 100 sorts of slides accessible, them vary of slippy systems covers a large vary of necessities up to over 3300 pounds. Customary closed lengths up to eighty inches 2000mm with extensions up to almost ten feet 3000mm

You will get many extensions

Them vary of needle-bearing telescopic slides consists of three massive families of drawer guides with either a pair of, three, or four beams to reply to any or all demands of various industrial drawer slides applications. The extension is per the closed length:

  • First is a partial extension for a pair of beams slide rail
  • The second is a full extension for a three beams drawer track with 100% of the rolled-up length
  • And last is overextension for four beams bearing guide with 150% of the rolled-up length

Materials they use

Drawer tracks are made from three main sorts of material. Chambrelan drawer runners keep company with a surface treatment counting on the material:

  • Steel slides, typically metal plated
  • Aluminumguides, with colorless anodizing
  • And last stainless steel tracks

For locking devices:

Standard heavy duty drawer slides keep company with stoppers. Some protection drawer slides offer three completely different locks:

  • Lockout (positive lock), that locks the drawer within the extended position.
  • Lock-in, that locks the drawer within the closed position.
  • And last lock-in and out

Know about the double extension slides:

For drawers that require to be reached on both sides of the cupboard, a double extension system will be tailored on a pair of or three-beam telescopic drawer slides.

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