Time to Celebrate Your Happiness With Nature Designs

Congratulations for your big day! You’ve found the best person to spend your life with you and make it big by proposing with a diamond ring. There are several engagement ring designs that add the extravagance touch for your jewelry. The designs can get inspired from many instances, such as floral designs, wildflowers, rustic wood accents, nature, and much more.

Nature-inspired jewelry could be the perfect designs for engagement and wedding events and these rings are called nature rings. You might find that the nature-inspired designs as the best jewelry piece that comes in style. A theme that’s based on nature can be a great choice for engagement and wedding, which has the diamond impact as a solitaire and looks more like a traditional engagement ring.

Story behind the engagement ring concept

There might be questions running in your mind is a ring really necessary to make the announcement official? Yes, it could be a traditional indication for the couples which was started from the ancient Egyptians, believed the circles was the eternity symbols.

Wedded couples exchanged the rings that were made out of the braided reeds, which were worn on the left-hand ring finger. It’s said that the vein directly connects to the heart and was named Vena amoris. In the 2nd century B.C, the ancient Romans started the betrothal rings in lieu to give the bride some valuable thing or money. However, this symbolism didn’t signify the love as the ownership.

According to the Pliny, the groom first gave a gold ring to wear to the bride during special events and betrothal ceremony. Then an iron ring to wear at home signified a binding legal agreement to his ownership toward her.

Nature inspired jewelry designs

Top designers always observe the world in a different view that inspires them to plan out a sophisticated design, which makes them a unique designer. The motivation comes from various aspects, it could be from the animal print, insects, flowers, trees, and much more.

Nature rings represent the natural beauty of the world and nature is said to be the biggest and greatest source of creativeness, which is immortalized through precious the gemstones and metals. You can get an iconic symbol that’s found in nature and led by the modern technology and designing tools.

The bridal jewelry could be the perfect finishing touch for every girl’s big day, so make it more interesting and memorable day to rewind back in rest of your life.


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