Styling the wheel for BMW

The car

There is no person in this world who is not aware of the BMW. Its brand is very popular across the world. It is known for its history. Back in 1916 this was established and from then it was gaining popularity day by day. This automobile manufacturing company manufactures cars with ambience and elegance. The structure, shape and color of the car attracts many riders. It has units all over the world, but its headquarters are in Germany. This German based company is a trend which will never go out of its style.

The wheel

All the parts of the car add beauty of which the rim catches our eye. This also is responsible for the alignment, movement etc. The performance of the wheel of this car is extraordinary. If you want to fix the wheel of your choice in your car, just browse through the website and choose the perfect one for your car. In this webpage you come across bmw style 128 with its pictures uploaded in the website and its specifications are also given for the clear idea of the person who wants to purchase it. These can be purchased in special stores which are meant only for car accessories and car decors.

Specifications of the wheel

There are five series in this section and each have different specifications under it. Let us check them.

5er E60+

The size is 8×19 with except 4×4 and offset of ET 20. The weight is 12,63 kg and usage are front.

The size is 9,5×19 with except 4×4 and offset ET 32. weight is 13,27 kg and usage are back.

With the front usage, the size is 8,5×19 and except 4×4 and offset is ET 18 weighing 13,27 kg.

With the back usage, the size is 9,5×19 and except 4×4. The offset is ET 32 with weight 13,27 kg.

7er E65+

┬áIn this series for the front usage, the size is 9×21 and ET 24 and for the back usage, the size is 10×21 with ET 24.

X3 E83

The size is 8,5×19 with ET 46 for front use.

The size is 9×19 with ET 51 for back use.

X5 E70

The size 10×21 and offset is ET 40.its weight is 18,80 kg and usage is front. For the back usage its size is 11,5×21 and offset is ET 42. Its weight is 20,20 kg.

X6 E71

For the front use the size is 10×21 and the offset is ET 40. Its weight is 18,80 kg. for the back use, the size is 11,5×21 and offset is ET 38 with weight 20,20 kg.


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