Long term consequences of using Cannabis

Long-term cannabis use is associated with psychological, social, and physical risks. However, research has often produced conflicting results. According to the current state of knowledge, it is assumed that serious brain damage, as is known from alcohol, is not caused. The harmful effects of cannabis smoke on the respiratory tract are considered to be certain, whereby the harmful effects of tobacco smoked with the tobacco must also be taken into account.

It is believed that cannabis use during puberty has an adverse effect on development. Persistent cannabis use can also result in a specific addiction. Often it is accompanied by general tendencies to withdraw up to social isolation click for source.

Physical consequences

  • Long-term cannabis use leads to impairment of cognitive performance (attention, concentration, ability to learn).
  • Heavy cannabis use impairs lung function. In addition, the risk of lung cancer is increased because cannabis smoke contains more tar or carcinogenic substances than a comparable amount of tobacco smoke. If so-called joints are smoked, they usually also contain tobacco, which also contains carcinogenic substances.
  • Effects of cannabis use in pregnancy and on the newborn are controversial.
  • Research has also failed to provide clear evidence of the effects of cannabis on the hormonal and immune systems. However, it cannot be ruled out that cannabis use during puberty can lead to delayed development.

There are many psychological and social consequences too. So it could be good of one consumes Cbd gummies for pain in limits, there are plenty of benefits in consuming CBD but on the other side very dreadful side-effects are also there so always remember and accordingly one should take medicines.

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