Gaming at Its Best WithTop-Quality Gaming Monitors

Gaming is more than a sport or a pastime for professional gamers; having quality equipment can make a lot of difference to your game. You might have noticed a lot of must-have products that come your way and don’t quite influence your game any better. However, choosing quality console gaming monitors will ensure a smooth gaming experiencehassle-free and devoid of any blurred or flickering images.

Things you need to consider while purchasing a gaming monitor:

Refresh rate and pixel response

Pixel response is usually measured in gray-to-gray (GTG), which is the time taken for a pixel to be transferred from one shade of gray to another. You might wonder how is going to impact your gaming; the lesser the value of pixel response time, the smoother and better is your gaming experience. A monitor with a gray-to-gray response time of 2ms (milliseconds) or less would be ideal for the best gaming experience.

Refresh rate is the number of times your screen is refreshed per second; it’s measured in Hz (hertz). You must look out for a display that has a high refresh rate of about 120Hz or more. Higher refresh rate ensures you the best image quality eliminating tearing and reproducing images without any image blurs. Fast pixel response and high refresh rate are the two factors to look out for while purchasing a gaming monitor.

TN vs. IPS panels

There are two types of LCD gaming monitors-TN or IPS panel. Twisted nematic (TN) panels are available at an affordable price when compared to IPS panels. However, TN panels don’t produce the “true color,” meaning, the 16.7 million colors required for true high definition.

The In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels produce almost 1 billion colors with 10 bits per RGB. You’ll be surprised to see the image quality in IPS panels which aren’t distorted or washed out even at wide viewing angles.

You need to take a call while it comes to choosing your console gaming monitors. However, you’re decision will purely be influenced whether to choose an IPS monitor which has a slower response time but reproduces accurate images over its counterpart. It’s recommended that you go for a TN monitor if you’re concerned about your monitor’s responsiveness over image clarity.

Other important features

You would like to see real time results while playing your favorite shooting game or any game for that matter. Winning or losing a game is determined during the crucial few seconds. The input lag, meaning the time taken for your input to be registered in the screen, is crucial in a time-sensitive game. It’s important that you consider the input lag of your monitor before purchasing one.

Gaming is all about being a notch higher than you’re competitors, choosing quality gaming monitors and other peripherals can better your game. Sometimes, it’s the right combination of peripherals is what it takes to win a game than you’re skill set in the game. You might be a professional gamer or an after-work warrior, either case, having quality gaming tools can improve your gameplay.

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