Debt settlement and assistance in unsecured debt issues


If seeking for help with loan servicing difficulties, the best place is CCS. Credit counselling singapore is a social service organisation that is autonomous and non-profit. In singapore, ccs is the only organisation that has been recognised by the association of banks in singapore for our commitment to assisting debt-stressed individuals in addressing their unsecured debt problems through counselling, education, and the facilitation of debt repayment arrangements, where appropriate.

Approach CCS for the better service and assistance

Individuals who need assistance from ccs must go through a three-step assistance process. Through this process, individuals will have a greater understanding of what can be done to decrease the debts, the financial condition, and the alternatives accessible.

The first step that has to be done is to attend the free public debt management information session to learn more about debt management. Check out the schedule and register for the next info-talks by visiting the webpage. In the second step, if individual desires to meet a debt adviser, he/she must provide the necessary documentation. After the team has received the papers, one of the client support officers will call to arrange a time for the individual to come in. One may see a list of the necessary documents here. In the third step, make an appointment with the debt adviser at the scheduled time and day. During the session, the debt adviser will thoroughly investigate the various debt settlement alternatives accessible so that one can make an informed and instructed decision about the next course of action.


In singapore, credit counselling singapore is the only non-profit organisation that provides professional debt counselling services and operates a formal debt restructuring plan in collaboration with all member banks affiliated with the association of banks in singapore (abs).

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