Understanding Different Draft Game Offering for Fantasy Football

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Fantasy football has become quite popular these days. People can easily select contests as well as fantasy teams on virtual platforms. Based on chose team’s performance, you shall earn points. Now, before you jump into playing, you need to understand certain nitty-gritty of draft fantasy football. The most important thing is to understand game offering. Snake drafts are different from salary cap drafts. In case of the former, game offering modes are quite vast. So, before investing time and money to draft fantasy football, here is a guide for you to understand various game offering modes.

Fantasy football

  1. Multi-Player Snake Drafts

Snake drafts are the most popular game modes, as they offer season long playing experience. You have more time for playing and thus you get greater chance for winning. You can gather as many points as possible. As a result, final amount becomes quite lucrative. Players are picked in “snake” order and this is the reason why it is named as snake draft.

  1. The Lobby

In this case, you just have to start with an amount for playing. Now, you shall be given various options for selecting drafts. You can choose to enter any of them and start playing. Most of the drafts will start immediately after your joining.

  1. Head to Head Snake Drafts

This is another interesting game offering to users. This game mode shall introduce you to multi-player snake draft. So, how it works? You shall get the chance to play against random opponents. Your opponent will be chosen automatically. Alternatively, you are allowed to go to “Friends” tab where you can challenge your friends.

  1. Dream Team Contests

Dream Team Contest is totally different from the drafts that have been mentioned above. This mode is good for those who are accustomed with salary cap system. You need to start with by selecting five players at the first stage.