Buy The Best Shisha

If you like to smoke and wanted to try something different and quite refreshing then you must try smoking shisha for a change. It comes with a water pipe that is used to smoke flavoured tobacco. Its mixture is made of quality tobacco, distilled water, honey and many other different flavours. You can choose a flavour according to your taste that you like. Its light flavoured mixture leaves you with a delightful and refreshing experience.  Before inhalation its smoke passed through the water basin. The most important factor that makes smoking shisha nothing like smoking cigarettes or cigars is the fact that you do not experience the harshness of tobacco but still get the feeling of light headiness that help you getting relaxed and take a quality time off that you can enjoy for yourself. There are many bars and lounge offers you with the best quality Shisha. So if you are visiting Hong Kong for some business purposes or you are getting there for vocational purposes you have to visit these shisha bars and experienced it yourself.

Shisha bars and café in Hong Kong

You can find many shisha bars, café and longue where you can buy Shisha easily.  There are many shops in Hong Kong which gives you all flavours, coal, set of pipes anything you want to setup a hookah or shisha at home. You can buy everyone’s favourite Al- Fakira Shisha in 250 gram and 1 kg boxes, they also provide Nakhla brand which comes in 250gram boxes. If you are a health conscious person then you can buy Soex herbal tobacco which comes in 50 gram boxes will be good for you. They serve you with so many options to choose any flavour you like in your shisha like blueberry, apple, grape, watermelon, cherry, mint, guava and many more. It is advised that you always check for prices and stock available to you because its price varies month to month. If you want to spend some quality time and want to meet new people then hookah bars gives you that option. You can enjoy there great service and enjoy quality time for yourself.

Price range

They offer you quick light coals which comes in the range of $20 to $40 per stick of 10. You can also buy Japanese coal for yourself; it comes with a higher price of $65 per box. For the whole setup of hookah in your home they provide you the full set of pipes here. They provide you the whole package of things that you can set up and start your home smoking experience in no time. The price of pipes starts from hk$555 onwards. This way you can enjoy some quality time smoking hookah in your home.

Great way of spending quality time

You can find yourself the best and classier bars with a panoramic view of Hong Kong and give yourself the pleasure of smoking shisha with a variety of flavours to choose from. Here you can enjoy smoking hookah from the variety of flavours including classic apple to widely popular blue mist with lounge music playing in the background makes it a place where you can sit back with your friends and enjoy a quality puff of Shisha. Shisha lounges are a perfect place where you can hang out with your friends; experience the comfort of the comfy sofas with their signature cocktails. Their classic vibe, laid back atmosphere and funky music helps you in making you feel more relaxed and chill out. You can enjoy quality time in these hookah bars with a pretty reasonable price.

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