Bmx Racing for Young and Biking Enthusiasts

Young love BMX racing. Bicycle wheels for regular children should have 20-inch wheels. A typical freestyle BMX bike is not mandatory for drivers under the age of six and it there must be bmx number plate sticker. The little champion will be riding bikes with only 12-inch base.

A mountain bike or cruising with a 24-inch or 26-inch tires can work well; however, you should confirm before the time of their regional tracks for suggestions. Many clues allow you to enter a bike race “Cruiser” with a mountain bike.

Whatever type of bike, you need to remove the reflectors, kickstand and chain guard before the race BMX. This will save you from injury in the event of an accident.

Padding on the top tube, stem and crossbar is a must. Many BMX freestyle bikes have pads. You can buy it in safety gear for a mere $ 5 if your bike is not equipped with them.

A minimum of a function is required to brake your bike. A coaster brake is not a bad choice. In addition, the bike must be in good condition and safe to drive.

Last but not least, hold a paper plate on the steering wheel. It will serve as a motorcycle bmx number plate stickers. Before BMX race, you are given a number to put on the registration plate. You will be identified by this number during the race.

Safety Is Paramount

The helmet is the most important gear to protect your head. According to the rules of the track, you will be required to wear a full face helmet or a helmet with a detachable mouthpiece. However, some tracks enable all affordable motocross-style helmets.

Do not forget to put safety clothing. Standard long this will save the rider’s legs. To protect your arms, you should wear a full sleeves shirt. Good quality shoes is equally important, because bikers are often wet his feet while riding to maintain balance and speed.

Even if gloves are not absolutely necessary, but wearing it is wise decision. They should not be large or small. At the same time, they should understand well. Also, take all the necessary tools and bike air pump to make timely adjustments.

Ready to Run

A budding rider requires a track to run. Regional bike shops can provide you with information on the closest track position. You can also log on to the website of the National Bicycle League (NBL) or American Bicycle Association (ABA). These organizations allocate licenses for BMX racing. They provide safe and useful suggestions for the race track. By becoming a member of the NBL or ABA, you can get medical claims in the event of damage to the track during the race BMX.

A young knight was allowed to run only when your parent or guardian is with him. Age must be verified by presenting a birth certificate. An annual license to compete on the track of the costs between $ 15 and $ 35. In addition, an entrance fee of $ 6 and $ 10 will be charged for each race.

Walk around the track and remember the places where the jumps are. After that, start training. Put your safety gear and follow the other competitors in the racing gate. Watch what others do and where they go. Pilot for the first time should keep the front wheel of the bicycle against the entrance and put a foot on a pedal and the other on the floor. Star pedaling as soon as the gate opens. Do not speed up the time when you’re not comfortable.

Once the training session, the races will be posted. The people at the registration desk inform where your race will be posted and the rules of the race. You can be grouped with other tours to their age. Align your bike in the area of ​​preparation. Wait for your call, and when it comes, start the race! This can happen three or four times, based on the track with. Finally, it will end. You will get a glass if you win. It is guaranteed that you will have a lot of fun, regardless of a win or loss.

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