Best Meditation Corporate training companies in NYC

Meditation House was founded by a Director and a lead Meditation teacher Dan Globus in 2015. An appointed Tibetan Buddhist Monk taught Dan on traditional Tibetan Buddhist, Vipassana, and mindfulness meditation techniques. He has been teaching for eight years primarily focused on non-corporate groups and private classes via the company The Compassion Centre. Towards the end of 2017, they have started to focus more on the corporate end of the business. Their biggest challenge is to educate corporations on the benefits of meditation.

These are entirely non-religious classes that still make use of traditional meditations and techniques to help employees address both business and personal issues.

Meditation HouseThey are continually trying new techniques and offering new approaches so that they can provide various programs for different types of corporations. In addition to providing in-person classes, they make content available via password-protected archives that employees can readily access. This includes guided meditations, information on how to address various challenges, recommended reading, and more.

“When deciding whether a Meditation program has value to your organization, I recommend that you invite a Meditation teacher to your facility and have theyprovided a Meditation class. Survey the attendees after the class and find out what their impressions were of the teacher and the material covered. If the general consensus is positive, then sit with the teacher; discuss goals that will benefit the corporation, and ask the teacher to put together a program. This is my advice to any corporation considering Meditation for their organization.” Says Dan.

How Corporate Meditation NYC can help you achieve your business goals

Corporate Meditation NYC offers classes that are fixed based upon the amount of time of the class, and days they are offered, time of day when they are taught. They can create a custom meditation program that meets your needs. They will create a custom meditation program based upon:

The number of classes you want (e.g. once per week, twice per week, each day of the work week, weekends).

How long you wish the meditation to be (e.g. 20-30 minutes, 45-60 minutes, 60-90 minutes).

The number of people in the class (e.g. 1, 2-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20-40, 40+).

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