5 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Businesses these days have swiftly adapted the internet. Hence they are required to reach out to their audience via the internet. It may seem a tad bit expensive in investing on a website and maintaining it. Sometimes the expenditure on setting up websites can be very burdensome. Small businesses can use Facebook as a platform to build their marketing strategies. Also, companies can utilize Facebook to promote beyond their website, as it has a wider scope. Here are some ways in which one can excel in marketing strategies collected from the best Facebook marketing forums available on the internet.

Read and understand – learn on your own

Many forums on the internet will help you understand how certain patterns on Facebook pages can be utilized in your best interests. There are forums that have regular users belonging to the same niche as yours, who can help you promote your business. Forms such as mpsocial, WarriorForum are one of the best Facebook marketing forums. It would be ideal to take part in the discussions and observe other people’s ideas pertaining to facebook marketing strategies. You also receive a platform to share your experiences for business promotions.


Hit the bull’s eye

Before you venture into your Facebook journey for promoting your business, know and understand what the requirements of your clients or customers are. There are ways in which you can directly target your audience. Start with quick experiments by posting your articles or links and see what type of posts receive more likes. Another way to interact or connect with your audience is by regular status updates that are creative – use images, videos, pose questions, quick quizzes etc.

Handy tricks and quick hacks

The aim is to create social media awareness for your company. This means one has to increase the activity on Facebook. The ways in which one can achieve are:

  • Share your pages wherever possible: Utilise your main account to share the page you have created for your company.
  • Join pages that belong to your niche: This will indicate your presence in the market and increase the talk among your fellow competitors.
  • Post on other pages that belong to your niche – comment, like, share to bring attention towards your page.

Practical Approaches

Certain features of Facebook are often not utilized to the fullest. The plugins, like boxes on your website, can enhance your marketing tools.

  • Facebook Plugins: Add plugins to your site which will inform users of your presence on Facebook. One may also display the “Like Box” on their web page to receive an instant like.
  • Make Facebook groups this way you can directly target your clients as you are allowed to send collective messages in one go. There are three types of groups – open, closed and secret. In an open group, you have a large scope that involves interested, inactive, active clients of your company. This will increase your fan-base or create awareness among a larger group of people. Closed groups can be utilized for active members of your company. This way they feel like closer to the organization. A secret group can come in handy to deal with internal affairs, discuss marketing strategies etc.
  • Use the “@” feature to personally recognize a person, group or page. This will make one feel significant and important. Also repeatedly post your links or articles using “#hashtags”. This will also attract users to your posts.

For long term users – invest

Over time one must start to invest as posts on your pages may not attract as many users as you wish to. Facebook Ads are one of the best options for people who are willing to spend a little money.  These Ads are of various types and appear at different spots – Sponsored story (Mobile and PC), Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Sidebar Ads. Another way to level up your promotion is by using tools like “Boost Post” which again requires financial inputs. One might wonder why use ads? Advertisements are short, attractive and leave the audience curious hence they are more likely to land on your page or website.

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