3 Easy Fixes for Your Hair Fall

Does that thought of hair on your brush bring in fear and anxiety in you? Do you fear that you would turn bald soon? You’re not alone. Hair fall is a common problem among one-third of the population today. You might have been exhausted by now, using the so-called natural ways to restore your hair, which is far from what’s expected.

You can follow these lesser known tips to treat your hair loss, and get your dream luscious locks:

Regular oil massage

Your hair growth is restrained by many factors, like poor diet, medication, stressful life, or hormonal imbalance. Dandruff, fungal infection, and many other hair growth deterrents can be avoided with regular massage. Take lukewarm oil on your fingers and massage it into your scalp. Furthermore, this massage can increase the blood circulation in your scalp and reduce your stress level.

You can either use coconut oil or mustard oil to massage your head.Some prefer having a trace of almond oil with coconut oil to have faster results. It’s recommended that you go for an oil massage once every month.

3 Easy Fixes for Your Hair Fall

A healthy diet is all you need

Hair fall isn’t only about what happens to your hair because of external factors, your diet plan plays a crucial role inpreventing hair fall. Some people fear the use of dietary supplement considering its side effects, however, people with profolan erfahrung have less hair fall without side effects.

It’s recommended that you consume food rich in calcium, iron, and protein, like seeds, nuts, and green vegetables which are vital for a healthy scalp. Most of your hair related issues can be prevented with sufficient consumption of water. It’s suggested that you drink at least four to eight glasses of water every day to reduce hair fall.

Wash your hair regularly

It’s healthy to sweat it out in the ground rather than playing games on your cell phones and computers. Sweating might be good for your health, but the same can be a reason for your hair loss.Remember to wash your hair at least twice a week to make sure your scalp is squeaky clean.

It’s recommended that you use hair styles that don’t involve pulling your hair, like ponytails or braids. Some men with profolan erfahrung might suggest youto go for dietary supplements, especially, if the reason for your hair fall is imbalanced diet. However, you can choose any measure that works best for you.


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