Bathroom cladding simply means a weatherproof decorative covering on a bathroom wall which also add thermal insulation, resulting to an alluring building structure appearance. Cladding as the outer layer of the bathroom wall need to be in good appearance all the time. Traditional bathroom wall cladding include the wood, the clay or brick, concrete and tiles. They aforementioned bathroom wall claddings have limitations which the modern bathroom wall cladding known as PVC, which is polyvinyl chloride has resolved. The PVC bathroom cladding can be of different attracting colors, styles as they enhance the beauty of bathroom and the home in general. PVC bathroom cladding are durable in nature, very easy to install and to clean. It is more hygienic than the tiles and the old tradition bathroom cladding materials like wood, concrete and others. It is also proven that the installation of PVC cladding is done at ease. Unlike other bathroom claddings, installing PVC cladding on smooth surface like the plaster and hard or uneven surface is possible. You do not need to damage the wall or to break the damage tiles while renovation. With the bathroom cladding made available one stop cladding shop, you can cover the bathroom wall easily with or without any skill. One stop bathroom and cladding shop located in United Kingdom is a renowned name in anything relating to bathroom cladding and panels. With any internet connected smartphones, tab, or computer systems you can contact us as well as visit us at www.onestopclapping.com to check some of our durable and quality cladding materials. White groove cladding, Beige Granite cladding, White Gloss Cladding, Whitematt cladding, black marble and others are kinds of bathroom cladding you can get from us.

PVC panels for bathrooms


They include:

  • Fast installation:

Installing our bathroom cladding requires no skill or experience. You can comfortably do it at your own. This will save you money.

  • Hygienic Provision:

The bathroom cladding in One stop bathroom and cladding shop which is gotten from the PVC is hygienic in nature. Not only is it hygienic, it is also easy to maintain the hygiene


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