The Cost Per Install Advertising Guide

Mobile applications today have become the latest fad in the technological circles with numerous apps being launched on a day to day basis. It takes a lot of time, effort and planning to conceive and design an app for the developer. But the story doesn’t end there as it is equally important and crucial to find users for the application. Finding the target profile for your application and persuading them to download it is a tough and challenging job. Therefore it is important to advertise the app and drive users to install it. One method could be to advertise your app inside other apps with a similar target audience. This could help in enhancing the visibility for your application. There are several ways by which this could be done like cost per mile, cost per click or the more popular cost per install abbreviated as CPI. There are many cpi platform available today that help in reaching the target audience.

Understanding the CPI Model

CPI defined as cost per install is specifically used in the advertising of mobile applications where the brand is charged only when the application is installed. To describe it in detail the CPI campaign involves the publisher placing the digital add across a variety of media to drive the user into installing the advertised application. Total expenditure on the ad divided by number of installs gives the cost per install for the campaign. The USP of the model is that the advertiser only pays if the app is installed by the user and not just for advertising the app or it being viewed.

Choosing the CPI Campaign Provider

There are number of factors that come into consideration while choosing a CPI campaign provider and some of the important ones are discussed below. The primary thing to look for is their resource base. Campaign providers generally work with ad networks or have a set pool apps belonging to niche categories. Choosing the later is always better as it implies better targeting. Ensure that the provider is using niche category applications to advertise yours. A niche category app always proves to be a better cpi platform. Another important thing is to negotiate the price or the rate for the campaign prior to signing on the dotted line. Most of the campaign providers have a technology to track the same but it is important to ensure that there are no hidden commissions involved. Lastly it is important to choose a platform that offers metrics to track payouts. Its important to selectively choose a campaign provider as the model might seem deceptively simple but there is a plenty of nascence to it.


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