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Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program – does your teen need it?

Education April 17, 2017 at 5:15 am 0 comments

Anasazi foundation is running a program for troubled teen from 1988. In total 3200 youths have already participated in this program. This is a non- profit intervention program. The program involves small groups of teens and in high desert there will be 24- hour staff hiking. This is located in Arizona. This program will be for 49 days. People should carry 45 pound packs, they should sleep on the ground. The diet for the participants consists of lentils and rice at the Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program.


Many people have shared good experiences with this program. Even after completion of the program, they recall it every day in their life. Some people said that this program has changed their life. One more thing is this program takes people to a great positive surrounding. Many have opinion that in this kind of surroundings they didn’t find any lies and temptations of the world. Many teens were able to find the real person inside them and their real potential. This has happened without any distractions.

Where is it?

This foundation is located in Mesa Arizona. The age of the individuals should be between twelve to 25 who are fighting with their behavioral issues and substance abuse, and emotional problems.

What is it?

The principle behind the Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program is Native American principles. That is why the program encourages healthy lifestyle. In the program, every morning when sun comes up, participants should awake. When sun goes down everyone should get retire. Participants should walk for their exercises and eat a healthy diet. As part of the treatment, parents and participants should visit therapist.


These programs are expensive. $895 is the admission fee of this therapy. And there will be daily rate that is $395 for teens between 12- 17 ages. Anasazi is a licensed provider. They are accredited II level behavioral healthcare provider. Some of the insurances also apply for this therapy. Along with this program also provides financial aid as well.

This foundation is co- founded by Ezekial Sanchez and Olsen. To pay for his college expenses Olsen in 1960s asked to teach an outdoor survival. With this he also wanted to support his family. Then he got approval from that school with the condition that he could fill the classes then he can teach. He was able to fill 2 classes and he was taking the students on trip for practice.