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Here Are the Reasons for Your Hair Loss

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Did you know that hair loss not just affects your body? Yes, it affects the entire body! It could be due to hormonal changes, heredity, medications, or medical conditions, but the exact reason is unknown. An expert from regrow hair protocol tells that it can affect anyone of any age. Baldness refers to excessive hair loss from the scalp and hereditary hair loss could be the common cause of baldness too.

Most of the people cover their baldness with some treatment and supplements for regrowth, while some chose to let it run with the untreated conditions. Before undergoing the hair loss treatment, it’s suggested to have a word with your doctor about the condition and causes of hair loss. If possible ask for the best treatment options that are available.

What are the symptoms of hair fall?

Hair loss appears in many ways that depend on various factors. It can be caused all of sudden or gradually that affects your scalp and other body parts. Some hair loss is temporary, while few others are permanent.

Gradual thinning on your head – This could be the common type of hair loss which affects men and women irrespective of their age.

Bald spots – This result in smooth, coin shaped bald spots and generally affects the scalp. The skin can become painful and itchy due to the spots.

Sudden loss of hair – An emotional or physical shock might cause hair loss. In most cases, your hands might be filled with a lot of hair while washing and brushing your hair, sometimes after a gentle tug.

Full body hair loss – Few medical conditions require radiation therapy, such as chemotherapy to treat cancer. The body exposed to radiation can result in hair loss and the hair lost can be regenerated.

Time to visit a doctor

If you’re having tough times and distressed due to hair loss then it’s the right time to have a word with your doctor. Sudden hair loss, bald spots, and other hair loss related problems need medical attention. Make sure you ask the doctor about the treatment options available for your problems and complete the treatment without any excuse.

Make sure you also discuss the risk factors that could be a reason for the hair loss. There are a lot of factors that are associated with the hair loss risk, such as age, family history, diabetes, stress, and much more. Learn more about the facts related to the hair growth through the regrow hair protocol.