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Education August 14, 2017 at 7:08 am 0 comments

Working in the tech industry is a dream to many. Google famously provides plenty of benefits to their employees. Free gourmet lunch anyone? There are so many internet based companies nowadays that the road to being part of a tech company isn’t so long. But, to become a true expert then that’s where the challenge is.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is an industry-wide certification of expertise. It does have the word “Expert” in it for a reason. Passing these exams give you an edge over your peers. It’s a sign for the bigger and more exclusive companies to take a look at your resume.

Only the Best Test

Passing this and getting certified is almost like a law student taking the bar. While you don’t necessarily have to take it to work in IT, earning this certification will fast track your career. There are plenty of services and study guides that will help you reach this goal. But, you have to be careful and only pick the best. One of them offers CCIE training in just 8 weeks and as well as a list of  CISCO Books you’ll need to truly gain in-depth knowledge. It might be a lot but these will be the best way to gaining that certification.

Support for Your Sanity

Studying for the test can be incredibly stressful. That’s why when you pick a site or a service to enroll in you just have to make sure that they have the support that you need. It should work the same way as a classroom. Whenever you have a question or clarification you can just raise your hand and ask a teacher. It should be no different when you do it online.

Consistency is Key

You want to be continuously challenged to get better. What’s the point of getting a service or enrolling if they’re just going to give you easy tests? You can do the easy stuff on your own. Make sure that you get consistent tests that get harder and harder. The exam to get the CCIE is the hardest of them all so you need to be prepared.

If you really want a superstar career in the tech industry then the CCIE is definitely one of the ways. It may be a challenging road but once you pass and get certified, you’ll quickly see that it was worth all the difficult studying.