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Functions of Kodi TV Box- Must Know:

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However, see here you may also feel that it is nothing more than ordinary players; in fact, Kodi really highlights the main lies in its rich and powerful plug-in expansion.

Intimate plug-in function (automatically downloads movie subtitles/update movie cover and introductory information, etc.)It is no exaggeration to say that the rich and powerful plug-in is the reason why Kodi TV box is called the artifact of the most important reason! Thanks to the free and open source strategy, the world’s numerous developers for Kodi produced a large number of practical plug-ins, these plug-ins not only let your audio and video center has more new features, the most important thing is that it allows you to watch the process of change Get more fool convenient!

For example, we downloaded from the BT movies are often a bunch of English names, it is very difficult to distinguish, and manually change the name is real trouble. Kodi can “match” and download the movie’s introductory information (including movie name, story introduction, director, actor, cover picture) from your homepage such as watercress, time network and so on through different “scraper” plugins. Video library looks super detailed and beautiful, just like a professional video site, on demand cannot be more comfortable! And all this is done by scraper automatic networking.

In addition, by installing a different “subtitles plug-in”, you can also let Kodi play movies automatically from different subtitles site search and download subtitles, this point on the lazy words – too TM cool! No longer have to worry about looking for subtitles to download. Of course, Kodi Tv Box can do more than that, and its plugin is simply like a treasure trove, and you can always find more useful extensions in it, such as live TV, online music/video on demand. By default, the newly installed Kodi is the English version of the interface. But in fact, Kodi contains multiple languages; you can set back to your language.

According to their own needs and preferences, use different plug-ins, configured to create the most suitable for their own use of private audio and video center. As long as you experience Kodi, you absolutely do not want to go back to the front of the TV on the tiny front operation for a long time but also everywhere to find subtitles “original inefficient” way of viewing.