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Wondering how to get help Windows 10? Read out and find out how!

Software March 6, 2018 at 5:17 am 0 comments

Though Windows 10 is said to be the most complex version of windows, operating Windows 10 is no rocket science and all it needs is a little bit of practice and help at the initial stages.  In this article we will discuss quick ways in which you can get help Windows 10 and thus make you ready to use Windows 10 like a pro.

Microsoft Support

Fall back on the trusted F1 key

The F1 key has been the primary help key in all the previous versions of Windows. Things are not too different in Windows 10 too and F1 key is the preferred method here too. However, in other apps, F1 button lands the user on the Help section; while in Windows 10, F1 button takes a user to the Bing search engine on the default browser. The user then gets to see “get help in windows 10” page. In devices where the F1 key is not activated, users need to activate the F1 key by holding down the start button while pressing the F1 key simultaneously. Once the F1 key is activated, the user is good to go. In some rare cases, the Function lock needs to be disabled by pressing the Fn Lock button.

Reach out to Microsoft Support

If users are not satisfied by the F1 key, they can always take the help of Microsoft support. To do this, users need to press the start button and keep scrolling till he reaches the Contact support/Get Help icon. Clicking this icon will take the user to an options page where he can either choose to chat with Microsoft Support or request for a call – either immediately or at a later convenient time.

Trust the Virtual assistant Cortana

Cortana, the virtual assistant, can be immensely beneficial in clearing fundamental Windows problems – such as shortcuts for various buttons. If it is unable to answer our question directly, it will then direct us to videos which will help solve our problem. In order to activate Cortana, users need to click on the microphone displayed on the menu bar or say “Hey Cortana” if it is already enabled.

Call or Chat with Microsoft

One of the final ways on how to get help Windows 10 is by chatting or scheduling a call with Microsoft. Even after taking help from Contact Support/Get Help; users can choose Additional Assistance Options displayed at the bottom of the window.