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History, chemistry role of softball bat and choosing the best

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A famous scientist George Hancock a reporter for Chicago has invented the game with an idea of creating a softball by spinning the glove with its laces, and an indoor game of softball came into existence. He start writing the rules and developed a softball and a rubber tipped bat to play this game. Wooden bats were introduced until the introduction of aluminium bats in 19th century. In the year 2000 composite type softball bats are introduced into the market because by using this composite type the players can perform very well in the matches. Visit this page to grab a comprehensive review on these bats and buying them.

There are two different types of softball bats they are aluminium and composite type. The main material used for the construction of this softball bats are carbon fibre and epoxy resin and few other elements like titanium or aluminium. The carbon fibre is stronger than steel and it is lighter. To form the strands, sheets of the carbon atoms are placed in a hexagonal pattern.

The characteristic of carbon atoms is light weight so it is good for making a good bat and also it allows the bat to swing faster with more powerful. Epoxy resin is made up of two elements these includes epoxide and polyamine. This epoxy resin is used to keep all the materials of the softball bat together. In manufacturing this softball bats the role of chemistry is very important. All the pieces for making this bat was made from the chemistry laboratories.

 Choosing the best softball bat:

Mainly there are three criteria in choosing the best softball bat by this page you can get the complete idea about the length, weight and drop of the bat.

  • Finding the right length softball bat is always important. If you feel comfort when you touch the end of the bat with your fingertips then the bat is an appropriate size.
  • The weight of the bat differs according to the models. If you are a stronger player then you can choose the bat which is heavier. If you want to try the bat hold the bat with one hand and extend your arm for 30 seconds and check.
  • A drop is a difference between the length and weight. A lesser drop indicates a heavier bat.

Choosing the right softball bat increases the performance level keep this tips in mind and choose the best one.