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5 tips to cheat for clash of clans

Games May 1, 2017 at 7:34 am 0 comments

There is no doubt that the clash of clans is being incredibly popular nowadays. They are facing many different attempts from those people try to find a loop hole in this game and believed it there are none. There are many ways to learn and play this game efficiently as well as a clash of clans cheats to get an edge around the thousands of other playing players.

Tips to clash of clans cheat:

  • Stay active entire day: You have to face an entire day when they are probably to build troop or wait for upgrading and just you go out some guys came and plundered all resources. It against the policy of clash of clans to stay active more than eight hours at the stretch so you will have to take breaks after that. Once you can do this by playing game on your PC or android device as its pretty closed pear to pear. Once clash of clans app is installed and click on guard the city. You will see almost black screen and resume the program, which takes break every eight hours.

  • Get free shield: First, this app is involved in your running clash of clans on your device and manipulating by using some codes. You can practice in your own way, but assured you cannot knowledge in depth of this game and consequences by using following trick. Firstly, backup of your clash of clans accounts if you are going something in wrong way, then you always return back to your state that is perfectly functioned download software call auto hotkey.
  • See hidden traps: A hidden trap is proved to a great disadvantage of this game in raids and wars too. You are being able to known their exact information where they placed in your dream come true. It is one of the best tricks that has found in one year ago and also working since. Around the base, you can see many girls and stopped in front of building waving their hand like that they are cleaned it.
  • Get free elixir: You need to complete filled army camp for a maximum productivity. Once you have to fill army camp with their troops and pick troop as you can be upgrading it. Now fill all barracks with troop you have to choose an upgrade. Once the troops are upgraded and sell in all barracks.
  • Don’t fall in clash of clans cheat: There are many sites that they are claiming to add lots of gold or elixir, but it tells you that is 100 percent fake. Usually, they are ending up with asking what do you now, which makes implanting or money spam in your device. The clash of clans cheats are an online game and no way to get outside in your server and changed into free unless the hacker is not surely in this case.