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Restaurant with Fun Gimmicks

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In the restaurant industry, delicious food and great ambiance are already sufficient enough to attract customers and make them come back frequently. But sometimes, restaurant owners tend to incorporate entertainment in their establishment to further boost the number of customers. But not all forms of entertainments are appreciated by most of the people or it is too common that customer does not see it as their purpose of dining in.

The most common type of entertainments that typically used is the sound system, TV with sports channels and pay per view shows, comedians and even hiring dance performers. Since some will like them but others might get annoyed because they prefer another form of entertainment or prefer a quiet place to eat.

Restaurant with Board Games

Some restaurant began using board games as a gimmick to become their flagship.  Since most of the people play board games and enjoy them a lot, by using consumable point in buying meals, the customer can rent board games they desire to play while controlling the duration of the rent. If the customer wants to extend playing, they must buy another meal for additional consumables.

This is also a very effective business model since when customers are enjoying playing; their awareness of the time goes by much faster and even if their consumables are depleted, there is a huge chance they will avail more consumables to continue the fun.

Cooking and Making Your Own Food

There is also a restaurant that let you cook your own food. It most common with Asian restaurant like in Korean themed that let you grill the meat or in some Japanese themed that let you decide the combination of ingredients in your ramen.


Restaurant with pets becomes a popular theme where the customer can pet animals like cats, dogs, and rabbits. Not only that they enjoy the food, they also enjoy the company of some furry animals. This type of model is very popular among pet lovers and those who love to cuddle cute animals.

Table Games

Some establishment uses the combination of billiard pools and karaoke as a form of entertainment. It is also a great time spender for friends especially those place that caters alcoholic beverages. There also places that have more family oriented ambiance by renting out table games and selling munchies as the main menu.

There are also unique table games that other restaurants utilize. Games like air hockey and foosball are quite rare in some community. There are lots of manufacturer like Rene Pierre Foosball Table that make quality products that assure the restaurant owners considering it as a sound investment and easy to maintain. Since it is quite rare, people are more interested in trying it out especially to those who never seen it or play it before.