Have the world at your fingertips using the UC News application

Are you someone who goes bonkers over not being able to watch a cricket match? Do you feel insecure if you miss anything latest that is happening? If you fit into any of these cases, you need to consider downloading a news app on your smartphone that can keep you updated every second. Even otherwise, having a news app won’t do you anything wrong. Although newspapers are a great source of information, they are fast becoming outdated and cannot give hot news. Although television can supply hot news, it is not always possible to stay at home watching the television. The only feasible solution is downloading a news app, favourably UC News, which can update you about happenings and score every moment.

Have the world at your fingertips using the UC News application

A news app? What is it?

The aforementioned app is an application that provides instant updates of happenings all around the world. The app is an initiative of the Alibaba group which tasted success in launching UC browser. The app works by picking relevant news from various aggregators and displays it in the smartphone. In addition to interesting as well as instant news, the app also provides live cricket updates prepared by a professional cricket editorial team. Information is available on a wide range of topics and the best assortment of news is delivered to the user on all days. One of the biggest advantages of the app is that it occupies significantly low memory space of about 3.49 MB despite packing a wide variety of news to select from and a range of features. This is a great plus point of using UC News as most other news apps occupy a lot of space and prevent the phone from functioning properly and efficiently. Some of the features of the app are listed below.


The app has a lot of compelling features that make it an absolute necessity for all news lovers out there.

  • Offline reading: the best part about using the app is that the contents can be downloaded and saved for reading later. This is useful when there is poor or no internet connectivity.
  • Wide variety of news: A lot of news is displayed to the user including news that is trending.
  • Customisable homepage: the news feed can be customised and chosen from over 18 different topics to suit the need of the user. Also, news items can be shared with friends and families by simple copy-paste or over social media.

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