Gracious Personality serving Humanity in a Humble Way

The Dawood family is considered to be a philanthropist family who works for the betterment of human life. They have their charitable initiatives in almost all of the fields including education, medical, child welfare, etc. Currently operational in Pakistan, United Kingdom as well as Canada, this organization has helped a number of Muslims to level up their standard of living. Literacy rate in Pakistan is alarming low as per the global survey and this was the root cause of establishment of this organization.

Bashir DalwoodThe Dawood Foundation’s educational institution, inaugurated in 1960, was the first step toward the effort. The dynasty continued its heritage with successive generations actively participating in the effort. Bashir Dawood is no exception to this. By his active efforts with Mariyam Dawood by his side, he is making every act count for human benefit.

He pioneered his work in education and medical industry. A full facility hospital, opened in his father Suleman Dawood, is well known in Pakistan. Technologically advanced equipment and equally qualified and experienced doctors help patients in every way possible. Economically challenged people also look forward to the treatment from them as they cater to the service at a cost-effective rate.

Volunteers from the hospital also take the same efforts as Bashir Dalwood for humanity. The management and medical school opened by him also train bright students with updated knowledge to launch them in the competitive world successfully. No wonder he is becoming an idol for many and is believed to continue these efforts for the wellness of people.

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