Google fax can allow sending fax through gmail

You can easily send faxes from your gmail account to anywhere at any time. As well as, you can receive the faxes at any time, when the fax machine is in plugging. The special features is automatic time setting in the fax machine, you can set the time and date when the fax will be send. The fax machine will send the notification once it has been sent the fax. You can send and receive large files up to 10 MB. You can unplug the fax machine, when it is in not used. You can send the fax easily and straight forward by using google account. By sending the fax using email, you can reduce your money for set up and save your precious time. You can send any time of file format into the fax by using gmail account. If you send the fax using gmail account, then you need to get the google fax number. Google fax number is the online fax number and will be used to send the fax by using the fax service provider.

Google fax number is used to forward all our incoming faxes to our mail account of our choice and it allows sending and receiving faxes from computer or mobile phones. If you want to send the fax through gmail account, then you have to need gmail account and online fax number. You can get multiple fax number from the multiple google accountsat the same time you can keep your current fax number. Following things should be considered while sending google fax through gmail account. The interested persons can look after the given points.

  • Login to your gmail account
  • Select the web based fax company for gmail account and it will hold your sending and receiving faxes from online.
  • Click the compose email tab on the gmail account.
  • Then, you have to enter the online fax number in to address instead of entering the email address. People should be advisable to enter the destination fax number without spaces or dashes.
  • Now, type the message in the subject as like as normal message and it will be your cover page of your fax.
  • Then attach your document (included as any documents, scanned document, scanned photo, PDF, word document and etc)
  • Then, simply click the send option, Fax will be send to the receiver.


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