Get Away With Best Electrical Fuel Pump System

There are two kinds of fuel- mechanical and electrical. Majority of latest car models are well equipped with electric fuel pump systems because of their several benefits over mechanical pumps. Decline in mechanical pumps can be seen due to transition from carburettors to fuel injections. It has simultaneously lead to rise of use of electrical counterparts as fuel injection system functions good at fuel pressures which are much higher than the pressure which can be generated by mechanical pumps.

Electrical pump generally is located inside fuel tank. It is because so that fuel in tank can be easily used to cool the pump. It ensures the continuous and steady supply of fuel. Electrical pumps run when they are turned on that can easily cause fire when fuel leaks out due to accidents. It is also a main reason behind installation of fuel pumps inside tank as liquid can not explode. Other safety feature of electric pump is electric control unit that can easily be programmed to close the pump off on certain conditions even when engine is functioning.

Few cars are equipped with inertia switch that automatically closes the fuel pump in case when car rolls over. These advantages boosts the safety features of electric pump and one can easily negate the chances of causing danger by these pumps. Best electric fuel pump is normally replaced every 70,000 to 1 00,000 miles. It depends upon the condition of car too. It is usually suggested that these pumps should be replaced at very first sign of failure for good performance of vehicles and safety of traveller.

Failure of fuel Pumps

Fuel pump works normally till the fuel delivery system functions properly. As the fuel delivery system fails, car engine stops functioning. Here are given few causes of failure of fuel system-

  • Broken Wiring In Fuel System- A broken wiring in fuel system in vehicle avoids flow of fuel to fuel pump from its relay. The melted, burnt, loose and corroded wires and poor electrical grounding avoids the voltage flow from relay to fuel pump which thus affects functioning of fuel system.
  • Default In Fuel Tank- Fuel tank filled with debris, dust, rust and dirty fuel in tank makes fuel system to dysfunction. In humid and cool weather, tank gets low and thus gets moist which lead to oxidation of tank. It creates rust. Rust then get ingested in fuel pump which creates failure.


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