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The Peak Cambodia – Living Made Luxurious With New Development

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Here comes the prestigious development, The Peak Cambodia that includes Business Offices, Residential Apartments, Retail and Shangri-La Hotel –within the development. The Peak is close to NagaWorld Casino Hotel, AEON Mall, Convention Centre & Embassies, and making it the Best Property to invest in Cambodia.

Best Inspired Design Outlook

The Peak comes in grandeur bronze, which is a color of luxury. Both the towers comprise of 500 units are paragons of vibrant architecture, specially designed to bring the best of the surroundings.

Luxury of Shangri-La Hotel

On the next door is luxurious Hotel Shangri-La, here you are treated with the top quality service amidst the tranquil surroundings, together with stunning design and architecture. From the best dining to spa and business lounges, it will make sure that everyone is happy.

Location of The Peak Structure

Location of The Peak Structure

It is located right into the heart of the Phnom City. The Peak Cambodia gets the beautiful view of River Esplanade, at the city crossroads. The location is just one minutes’ of walk to Naga World and AEON Mall, and National Assembly building, Australian Embassy and Ministry Of Foreign Affairs. Independence Monument and Preah Sihanouk Boulevard also are the short location away.

Refreshing Views

Days over here are just sensational with amazing views at each second of your stay at The Peak. Give your eyes an amazing sight of the Diamond Island, Phnom Penh City view and river from comfort of your luxurious apartment.

Best Quality Furnishings

The peak residential property comes alive with an eye on the beauty for style and design. The modern and clean style exudes classiness yet fosters the sense of luxury. Improved with spacious balconies, your home becomes a holiday home in itself.

The Peak Cambodia Specification

Oxley Gem Co. Limited is a developer who jointly developed by the Oxley Int Holdings and Worldbridge Land Co. Ltd. It is a Luxurious and Premium 55 Storey of Mixed Development with the total of around 1,014 apartments (in total two Towers). With amazing location it shares the same address of Shangri-La Hotel that gives worldwide luxury, safe investment and stature of ownership!

Building a world within a community for a better living

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City Walk Dubai is an urban and popular open-air shopping region that offers everything in one territory, from global brand names to top of the line eateries, swanky bistros, interesting excitement outlets, and fun spots for the whole family.

Dubai designer Meraas is known for making extraordinary conditions by incorporating both indoor and open-air spaces. Their tasks, for example, The Beach at JBR, Box Park at Al Wasl, and to wrap things up City Walk 9 Dubai are only a portion of the cases of how Meraas has shaped Dubai attractions that are comprehensive of a wide range of encounters.

amusement focuses

City Walk Dubai is one of the principal open-air shopping goals in Dubai to house a wide range of nearby boutiques and global form names. From Diane Von Furstenberg to Dior, City Walk includes more than eighty-five unique brands and retail shops. Regardless of whether your feeling of style is easygoing, tense, stylish, or formal, City Walk has you secured.

Close-by Places

  • Hub Zero
  • The Green Planet
  • Roxy Cinemas
  • Dubai Arena
  • Dubai Mall
  • Burj Khalifa


  • Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station – (1km) 9 min strolling
  • Financial Center Metro Station – (1.2 km) 15 min strolling
  • Sheikh Zayed Road – (1.4km) 3 min drive
  • Al Khail Road – (9.9 km) 12 min drive

Social insurance

  • Valiant Clinic (0 km)
  • Al Amal Hospital (0.54 km)
  • Midas Touch Med Spa (0.93 km)
  • Aquacare Medical Center (0.95 km)


  • Galvin Restaurant
  • Farzi Cafe
  • Tartufi and Friends
  • Serendipity3
  • Brass Coffee and Community

key features of city walk

With regards to dining, this urban group is rapidly turning into a fan most loved among travelers, occupants, and regular guests. City Walk 9 offers cooking styles from around the world in chic and a la mode eateries. Be spoilt for decision with over fifty options of eateries, cakes, pastry shops, and even some sustenance trucks.

Not exclusively does City Walk have a portion of the best eateries and widely acclaimed brands, yet in addition, offers one of a kind amusement focuses. Center point Zero is an exceptional intuitive gaming knowledge that highlights advanced virtual reality recreations and exercises. Only a couple of steps away is the Green Planet, a monstrous bio-vault that houses a few types of plants and creatures that give a fun and instructive experience for guests of any age.

One of the most up to date increments to this stylish region is Roxy Cinemas, which grandstands the most recent blockbusters in best in class innovation to offer an immersive situation for silver screen goers and film sweethearts.

Why Real Estate is an Ideal Investment

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Inflation can affect all forms of human life. Prices of general merchandise increase while there is a fall in the value of money. To put things in a simple perspective, it just means that your money won’t get you very far. The 5-digit monthly salary that you make might get you very far 10 years ago. However, most people will just barely get by with that amount of salary.

So now that we’ve covered the fact that the rising costs of just about everything won’t help a lot for establishing your financial future, you might want to look for other ways to secure your finances. Investing in real estate is an ideal choice for many as it allows them to be their own CEOs of their purchased properties while gaining more than enough Return on Investment (ROI) with the transaction. Read on to know of other reasons why you should get into the real estate investment bandwagon.

Gain Positive Cash Flow

 Investing in a real estate property is expensive, and most people don’t want to get into it because of a large amount of cash they have to put out at the beginning. However, know that one of the biggest advantages to owning a real estate property is leases will generally secure assets. In other words, you can make the investment work for you to give you a regular stream of income by the end of each month. For example, you can purchase a commercial property wherein businesses can rent office spaces, or perhaps you can buy an apartment complex and start seeking tenants.

Use Leverage to Boost Value of Assets

 Many novice investors tend to think of their real estate investments as nothing more than pieces of land. This way of thinking won’t get you very far as it depletes levels of motivation and determination. Instead of thinking negative thoughts about the whole ordeal, know that you can place debt on the asset whenever you invest in real estate. The value of the asset is several times larger than the original equity. Hence, it allows you to gain more opportunities to purchase even more assets than what you currently have, but now with less money while increasing profit as the loans are paid down the line.

Ride the Wave of Inflation

Most people don’t have control over the economy and inflation is inevitable. But instead of griping about the continuous rise of costs, you can ride the economy’s waves of change. Know that the price of real estate properties, particularly those with multi-tenant assets with high costs in labor and replacement, will rise.

Real Estate Investments are Physical Assets

 All physical assets have meaningful value, especially real estate investments. The structure, land, and the income produced by the property will have value to future investors. Note that real estate investments that produce income won’t have red and green days, like the stock market.

To learn more about investing in the real estate market, one of the best places to start with is to check out Finest Invest.