Nail Polish Beginners Quick Tips and Tricks 

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DIY gel nails are indeed fabulous and gel polish is the best nail polish ever. However, if you’re new in the world of gel polish, you might encounter some issues and you may also think that gel polish isn’t for you. Generally speaking, the application and removal process of Gel uñassemipermanente is quite tricky. But once you have mastered a DIY salon technique, sure, you’ll go crazy being creative with your nails every month.

Below are the quick tips and tricks that can help you to avoid any gel polish issues.

  1. Make Sure to Clean Your Nails

You need clean and dry nails for the gel polish to stick appropriately. After nail buffing, you may use a wipe soaked with an alcohol solution of 91% to remove extra dirt and nail debris. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly from the cuticles up to the sides. Once the dirt has been left in your nails, it’ll stick to the gel polish and might cause a lifting issue.

  1. Shake It Off!

Most gel polish in the market today needs to be hardly shaken before each use. According to other salon experts, shaking your gel polish before using it can make the application go smoother. But for the top and base coat, you don’t need to shake them hard like the gel colors.

  1. Don’t Forget the Lotion

Applying lotion to your cuticle can build up additional protection against the gel polish. That way, if you happen to get some gel polish onto your cuticle, it won’t affect the quality of the manicure. You can easily wipe the excess gel polish when you’re finished with the polish manicure. Also, applying lotion can be your cuticle defender against the acetone once you decide to remove the polish from your nails.

  1. Go with Short Strokes

It is highly recommended to use short strokes whenever you’re painting using gel polish. Short strokes are more comfortable to control giving you perfect even lines around the nail edges. But remember, you need to be more cautious on the first layer of coating since it’ll become the base layer of the color. So any impurities may affect the overall outcome of the manicure.

  1. Apply Thin Layers

Gel polish is way too different from the traditional one. It has a slight consistency compared to other polishes which can make you go crazy if things go wrong. Also, unlike with the traditional nail polish, you don’t need to make an ample amount of colors on your brush. Once you get too much gel polish on the brush, it’ll only get thick around the nail cuticles.

But once you use thin layers, you’ll avoid these mishaps. Always remember, follow a strict 3-4 thin coats for better results.

Be the hero you want to be with the costume

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There are instances in life, where one needs to get dressed up like someone else. In most cases it will be for a special occasion. In other cases it will be for a party. Whichever might be the case, the need remains the same. During these times, one has to get the right costume for the occasion. This can be a little bit tricky when the shopping is done in the last minute or if the shopping is done for a special costume. But now there are ways to find that perfect costume easily.

To stand out

In any occasion there will be people who look to stand out from the crowd. If you are one of them, then you should read further. While many criticize on the choice of other’s costume, there are the bold ones who go with the option of cosplay. This has been in the shadows for some time now. But many people find it as a fun way to disguise especially when they easily feel embarrassed. There might be people who will find it pretty stupid. But that is the opinion of the crowd. This art is about choosing the favorite hero or character from a particular series and then representing that character with the help of the costume. In the case of going with the choice of a superhero, the CosplayHero will be there to help.  They will be there to help you with the entire set of costume. Apart from that, there will be help provided in terms of styling and accessorizing. This will help the person become the character itself.

CosplayBe the hero

By finding the right costume at this place, one will be able to become the hero they look at the screen. Since there are a variety of costumes which belong to various franchises, there is a one hundred percent guarantee that people will get what they are looking for. Right from the small parts like the helmets to masks, everything will be found here.  The costumes will be assembled for those who will need help with that. This will be a complete shop for all the fans. While the quality of the costumes and the goods are not comprised and are of high quality, the prices are also kept at a minimum so that every fan can get what they wished for.

Change Your Look And Go For A Shorter Hairstyle This Time

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People often want to change their looks. But many do not want to go for a shorter hairstyle. This is because they fear that this kind of look might not suit them. There are other reasons where a person thinks that this hair style might not suit them and will be a disaster to have. People also think that this hairstyle will not be apt for their facial structure. But the thing is that once a person gets these kinds of short hairstyles then they will never go for any other hair styles. A person who has tried the short hairstyle will know the benefits of it and will always want to keep their short hairstyle.

Different type of hairstyles

There are actual short hairstyles in the market like the bed head princess which kind of gives a regal nature look. This kind of look is unique in any given hair style. There is also an added messy look to this which goes hand in hand with each other. Once tried this hairstyle people will never want to go for keeping those hairstyles which will require braiding the hair every now and then. When considering the options like the rappers delight it is kind of an asymmetrical haircut. This kind of hair style is very popular in the rock star world. It basically consists of a long fringe which also goes with a colour tone where two colours are involved. This hairstyle will not elongate the face but when swept to one side it will also add beauty to the eyes and make it more attractive. This hairstyle can be altered to give a neat and clean look too. When going for dates this look can be tried as it will make the person look more attractive. When pairing this look with smoky eyes along with the apt make up and a good classy necklace nothing can beat this.enizio: short hairstyles: a article

Good tips to maintain

Basically to keep up with a look and to carry it one has to manage her entire look for this. This includes the attire along with the way she carries herself. To maintain the hair properly the use of gel products can be taken as it will keep the look straight for a long period of time. When going for these kinds of products it is always better to go for natural products as it will not do any harm for the hair when using in the long run. In case of spikes it is essential to use the hair sprays. These sprays will help in keeping the hair straight. For a wet look even coconut oil can be used.

Stitch fix – Is it worth your money?

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Stitch fix was launched recently and many of my friends signed up on the website and I got good stitch fix reviews. After that, i planned to check out the website on my own. According to my experience, i am writing an unbiased review of the website and their services. Although I was not pretty much happy with the stuff I got and returned three of them, still I would say that the idea is pretty much good and the website and the entire process of buying is very simple.

stitch fix reviews

Apart from that, I sent my feedback to the Stitch fix team and they were quite responsive on that. When I mentioned about my experience, they asked me to order once more and gave a 20$ coupon to use so that I do not have to pay any sort of styling fee. Also, they mentioned that I should specify the size and style requirements precisely on the style form and if possible add a Pinterest board with some wardrobe ideas to the order. This way they can get a better idea of my taste and needs.

So I did exactly the same and after that, i received a box. This stitch fix reviews I have written after my second order. Although the products I received were not fit my size and I did not like the style of few products, so I returned all of them. But the biggest excitement was of getting a surprise box at home, which when opened would have lots of goodies for you. I was really waiting for the stuff from the day I ordered it.

Apart from that, they give you referral credit for other people who sign up for your word. This referral credit can be used to order stuff, and at least fill up the 20$ styling fee. This way you can order risk-free and then return stuff if you do not like any. But then you must do a little bit of work to add up your referral network. But they must improve in understanding the taste of the customers and also size based on the style form that the customer submits. According to these stitch fix reviews go on and order on stitch Don’t forget to add your feedback to the order about what you liked and what you disliked so that they can improve their service, every time they send something to you.

The Secret to Getting Lustrous, Gorgeous-Looking Hair Revealed

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What’s top-secret about getting a classy, fabulous hairdo? You might have seen people with short hair one day; the following day you see them flaunting a cascade of long, lustrous, bouncy hair flowing down from the shoulder! Now, how is that possible, you wonder!

You might call it a little piece of magic that has the ability to transform you into the hottest looking celebrity overnight! Of course,you can get the look by owning your style with extraordinary hairdos every day. If you haven’t guessed it already, we call them “hair extensions.”

You don’t need extra hands to get a stunning or aesthetic hairdo. Hair extensions are quick, easy, and you just need to clip them on; no extra hands needed!Get creative with your hair by trying out different kinds of hairdos – braid them, twist them, or curl themto be the star on your special day!

Hair extensions add extra volume and length to your hair. You can get the desired look that you have been dreaming about nice and easy.

Visit to learn more about how to wear clip-in hair extensions to enhance your X factor!

Accessorize your crowning glory with hassle-free hair extensions

Get transformed in seconds and get ready to walk the ramp with enviable hair extensions! They can be your best friend in pumping up your hairdo, making you look absolutely ravishing!

Here are a few tips to get you on the right track:

  1. Wear the bouncy, straight, long, and stylish hairdo with super fine hair extensions to create French plait, voluminous ponytail, or bouncy curls.
  1. When you’re planning to curl your hair, damp the hair before rolling it up. This gives a natural curl appearance and adds extra shine.
  1. Choose synthetically made hair extensions, such as Marley twists, braids, Havana twists, and Senegalese twists for quick hair styles. The weather can be winter or summer, hair extensions never disappoint you in getting the sophisticated look! Example: A combination of hats and scarves with the braid looks trendy in winter.
  1. You can add streaks to your natural hair using artificial extensions for shine and texture to complement your look.
  1. Add superfluous volume using hair extensions for the perfect hair bun and reach for elegance and panache.
  1. You can work your daily chores, such as physical activity or intense workout even while you have hair extensions clipped-in!
  1. Make sure your hair extension looks real! Blend the extensions with your hairdo by trimming them to suit your look.
  1. When you have fine hair, make sure you choose the light-weight density hair extension to place them on the stronger side of hair. This will match your hair density because hair extensions when not used wisely could be heavy.
  1. Use a silk pillow cover while sleeping; this will help your hair look natural. Try not to sleep when your hair is wet to keep it from getting tangled, which could lead to hair loss.

Transform your hairstyle for a front page look

It can be your prom night or graduation party, a little versatile work, like clipping in hair extensions, could make you look fantabulous!  Fashion is all about discovering or reinventing new styles.

Visiting a hair stylist for a killer hairstyle to suit the occasion might take time and money. Instead, get savvy with hair extensions and exploring trending hairstyles.

Clip-in hair extensions are a short and fabulous way to get a gorgeous new hairstyle without having to emptying your wallet.

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