Becoming an Egg Donor, Procedure and Reward

An egg donor is one who donates her eggs to another woman so that the latter can conceive a child. The egg donated by the donor is paired with the sperm of the husband or partner of the recipient and then the resultant embryo is implanted in the womb of the recipient. The embryo then grows inside the recipient and the woman is able to deliver the child after nine months. Talk to the Egg donation California now.

Being an egg donor

An egg donor by giving her eggs to a couple to have a child is doing a great humanitarian service as she is helping someone get a child. Women who are unable to produce eggs normally or whose ovaries have malfunctioned need donated eggs to get pregnant. Cancer survivors also have a chance to get pregnant with the help of donated eggs. Your service as an egg donor will be cherished for a long time and a couple who have become parents with your help will forever remember you. To be an egg donor you need to be healthy and fulfil the criteria as have been meted out by an egg donation agency.  Once it has been done with, you are ready to donate eggs.

The procedure of egg donation

The egg donor undergoes a thorough and detailed medical check-up. Hormone levels are checked. Blood tests are done. A psychological screening is done. The donor is also checked for any genetic or any other disorder. Once the tests are optimal, the actual process of egg donation takes place. First, the menstruation cycles of the donor and the recipient are matched by giving proper medicines to either one or both.  The donor is given hormones and other stimulants to encourage the ovaries to produce more eggs. After some days, on the eggs reaching maturity, a date is fixed as soon as possible to retrieve the eggs. Once the eggs are retrieved, the donor’s job at the Egg donation California is done.


The job of an egg donor is highly rewarding. She gets this unfathomable happiness of having helped a couple get a healthy child. She has thus helped the formation of a family. The couple must have waited for so long to have a baby and now that dream which they might have thought to be distant finally is true with the help of the donor. At the same time, an egg donor is also compensated for her services. Though the amount will vary from donor to donor,  a first-time donor can get up to $8000 for the egg donation.


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