Anasazi Foundation – How do the Programs help?

Anasazi foundation situated in Mesa, a hamlet of phoenix, uses outdoor activities and programs to recuperate both adolescents and adults. The Anasazi recovery technique is stimulated by native methods of American tradition. It emphasizes on learning new ways of living life by walking and living in the wilderness. There is a well trained clinical team that takes care of clients and supports them throughout the process.

The patrons live in nature, camp and hike for about 49 days. This cannot be taken up by weak at heart clients. The main idea is to handle the unpredictable conditions of nature which prepare them for the highs and lows of future life. The patrons learn to make their own food, with the food supplies that are only replenished once a week. They also learn to build their own houses which teach them confidence and self-determination. Although they are always encouraged to do their own works, they are always supervised by the caring staff and never left alone.


Here are two programs options. One is for adults and the other for adolescents from 12-17years of age. The groups are kept petite having eight members in each to facilitate personal interactions and give each one great importance. It is always made sure that the staff: client ratio is kept 3:1. Both the programs follow the same rule and follow the same methodology of sending their patrons to the open wild for 7 weeks.

The method of handling clients is very simple and down to earth. Its not like a punishment and nothing is obligatory to do or treated harshly.

The program starts with the clients first participating in activities which include learning skills such as maintaining personal hygiene, cooking, taking care of equipment and first aid. They also learn how to make trail gears for which they have pack their rabbit stick, fire set and backpack.

In the second phase, client put into use whatever they have learned in the first phase. They may face some emotional issues which are handled by the therapists.

In the third phase the family members of the clients are invited for a three day stay and trail. This builds up their family reunion and prepares a new bond before the whole hike is completed.

Anasazi foundation believes in the concept of healing in the lap of Mother Nature. Clients often find sobriety and peace of mind after they attend this program.

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