Why You Should Buy The Pro-ject Essential ii Turntable

A turntable is a type of equipment that is able to play a vinyl. It basically has a revolving plate that supports a phonograph(gramophone, record player) to help play a record. Turntable was the popular term for it during the late 20th century. Its still widely used today by vinyl enthusiasts to listen to vinyl records both old and new and its a DJs canvass for their works.

For the people that like listening to vinyl records, pro-ject has released an upgrade from their essential line called the essential ii. Its no secret that the brand has been known to be a maker of high-quality turntables and their new product simply shows their dedication to music and why turntables is still a good choice for listening to music. There are a ton of pro-ject essential ii review circulating online and one thing is common to most of it, people loved it.

The specs: So what’s the fuss about the new one? Aside from the general answer that its better than the previous model, the looks of the essential ii is more cool and robust. When you look at it you know right away that the device means business. It sounds great and it wants your attention.

  • Belt drive and comes a with silicone belt
  • A synchronous motor that produces low vibrations
  • Integrated control for the motor with DC power supply that promotes silent running
  • New Ortofon OM5e cartridge that is already pre-mounted
  • Pre-mounted gold-plated RCA interconnect cable
  • Comes in black, Red and White

The price: Even if this is an entry level turntable, it still is a very good one. One of its strengths are its price, its only below 400 dollars and you already get a good sounding turntable that would make you question “are these guys crazy pricing this cheap?” Turns out they are that crazy. This turntable might be cheaper than other turntables in its class but there’s nothing in it that looks cheap. Everything is premium from the materials and output.

The quality: Build wise and sound wise, it speaks of quality no questions. From the materials, the build and the sound quality, it’s definitely worth your money’s worth. If you are a person that is starting to discover turntables and vinyl this is a highly recommended product. If you’re a person that wants to replace their old turntable or someone that wants an upgrade, pro-ject essential ii is a good choice. Its one of the Top Turntables of 2017 and it still is currently.

Turntable might be a late 20th-century technology, but it doesn’t mean that it no longer has its appeal in today’s time. While there are more advanced ways to listen to music nowadays, it can’t be denied that turntables still has a place in the world. With the release of pro-ject essential ii, this is pretty much true. If you need a good beginner turntable that looks great, built great, sounds great and at a very reasonable price, the essential ii is the perfect product for you. You can never go wrong with it.


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