What is a probe?

Among the on-board equipment, the probe occupies a prominent place, especially in fishing enthusiasts. The probe is an instrument to know the depth of the seabed. That has been its main function for centuries, until sound wave technology began to be applied, at which point the probe went from being a rudimentary instrument to a fishing detection equipment. The first probes, today relegated to museums, were plumbs tied to ropes that submerged to bottom, to later measure the wet end and establish the depth. Later came the paper probes, and more recently the modern multifunction screens

How a fishing probe works

You can’t say that the current fishing detection equipment is probed, at least being true to the original meaning of the voice, that’s why they are also called echo sounders. Since they use sound waves to determine the bottom and the presence of fish under the boat. Number of spring probe manufacturer available.

spring probe

The echo sounders are based on the principle of a wave moving through a medium, in this case, water, and the Doppler effect.

To better understand how a probe works, you can perform a small experiment or focus on daily aspects. The echo we hear in the valleys of large mountain ranges or simply in an elongated corridor is a consequence of the principle of operation of a probe. In both cases, a sound is emitted that is received more or less deteriorated sometime later. The same procedure is carried out by the fishing echo sounders, emitting sound waves in the water and waiting for the response.


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