Different myths of durian fruits

The durian fruit is so famous around the world that the countries where it is found have started a huge business of these fruits. That is why now you can find a durian delivery service anywhere in the world. There are many benefits of eating durian fruits. It is very common that people have their own beliefs on each and everything in the world, in the same way there are different misconceptions about durian fruit too. Let us see some of them below.

  • Durian is loaded with cholesterol: This statement is not true, the cholesterol is found in the products which have saturated fats in it like dairy products, red meat, and many others. The durian fruit contains monounsaturated fat which is very good for the healthy heart and it also helps in reducing bad cholesterol.
  • Mangosteen should be eaten with durian to reduce heat: There is a belief in some countries that the mangosteen fruit helps in reducing the hotness in our body though there are no scientific pieces of evidence on this. The reason for believing that both the fruits should be eaten together to reduce hotness is that they are grown in the same season.
  • Eating durian along with beer can kill people: There is no truth in these mentioned statements and there are no scientific shreds of evidence to prove it. The consumption of both durian and beer together in excess quantity can cause indigestion, bloating and uneasiness this happens because there is an extra workload on the liver due to excess intake of fat and sugar.
  • Eating durian can increase your libido: There is a chance that eating durian fruit may increase your body temperature slightly, but that does not mean that it increases the aphrodisiac.


Whatever myths are there in the world related to durian fruit still is expensive fruit.

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