The principles of fundraising: secret for success

Many of the techniques and fundraising skills may be or have been adapted from the commercial profession of “marketing” (in fact, many NGOs refer to fundraising as “marketing”). Although marketing and business knowledge can be valuable, they should always be applied in an ethical manner. All fundraisers (paid or volunteer) must, first and foremost, be fully convinced of the value, integrity and benefits of the organization and the activities for which the funds raised will be used. Click here for Nonprofit software.

The marketing profession

Many of the fundraising skills and techniques used by NGOs and some UN agencies have been developed and adapted from the commercial marketing profession. Some (often oblivious or unsuccessful in the sales or marketing profession) see it as a cynical and deceptive activity. Perhaps it is the way in which some practice it, but it does not have to be, and often it is not. If a sales or marketing professional genuinely believes in the value of the product, sales can be done honestly and ethically.Visit this site for Click here for Nonprofit software.

The principles of sincerity and ethical integrity apply especially to fundraising. Fundraising should be the responsibility of the members of the organization, although they can participate in different ways. It does not have to be left only to professionals. All of us, therefore, must have knowledge about the principles and techniques of fundraising. It is a fundraiser, first and foremost, you must be sincerely convinced of the integrity of the organization, and the benefit and value of the activity or project of this organization. Potential and previous donors quickly detect the falsehood, dishonesty and misappropriation of “their” donations.


Recognition of donations

Recognition is paramount. Many donors use their grants to gain prestige and honors in their communities. The gratitude to each donor is a small price. Make sure that the communities that help are aware of the gratitude due to all the donations, and praise the donors for their loyalty to the community and for their much needed and appreciated donation (in money or species).


The most important word in fundraising and in the management of an NGO, CBO or a successful community project is “thank you!”

Many NGO members have wondered why the enthusiasm for their activities has cooled, and the funds have stopped coming, and often the cause is simply that the NGO forgot to acknowledge and thank the donors.

Progress reports

Beyond a simple “thank you”, donors want to know what has been achieved with the money they have donated. The most effective way to thank him is a progress report. Donors have little interest in their activities, are more interested in the results of these activities: have you achieved, totally or partially, the objectives you established when you asked for the donation? The CMP has prepared other documents on report writing; use them and combine the writing of reports with the obtaining of resources. Fundraising and report writing are not independent activities.

Find the top 5 websites for background checks at Top5BackgroundChecks

The reason why you are looking for a background check website can be many. From finding information about the single parent of your child’s new friend to being sure that your extremely friendly new neighbor has no criminal records – the reasons can be multifold. We at Top5BackgroundChecks understand your need for performing background checks and even help you out in this.

performing background checks

How can we help you?

We are a reviewing TruthFinder website that understands that people are reluctant to pay huge sums of money to the P.I. for identity checks, unless it is for official reasons, and thus rely on free websites to perform identity checks. We also know that our clients, who visited multiple free websites to perform an identity check, are confused by the varied results displayed on two or more websites. This result – which might be 2 or 3 lines on one website and a long list of criminal records in another – is a result of old and inaccurate databases used by most websites. Our aim, thus, to reduce the load of our client’s work and help them find the best websites that will provide them accurate, reliable and crisp information about the person they want. Our top rated websites list all records of criminal offense, sex offences, misdemeanors, DUI records, bankruptcies, felonies, driving records, lawsuits and arrest records amongst others. You can thus be sure that when trusting our top rated websites you will not miss single information about any person.

How do we rate websites?

We have a team of highly trained and dedicated reviewers who take it upon themselves to review every background check website available on different parameters – from the kind of input information they need, to the frequency at which their database is updated to their ease of use and price amongst others. We also make it a point to keep away from free background check websites – as it is our personal experience that their results are based on old database which has little use. After doing a detailed comparison, we then list the top 5 websites that have fared well on our stringent reviews. Currently, our reviewers have reviewed 17 background check websites.

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Wondering how to get help Windows 10? Read out and find out how!

Though Windows 10 is said to be the most complex version of windows, operating Windows 10 is no rocket science and all it needs is a little bit of practice and help at the initial stages.  In this article we will discuss quick ways in which you can get help Windows 10 and thus make you ready to use Windows 10 like a pro.

Microsoft Support

Fall back on the trusted F1 key

The F1 key has been the primary help key in all the previous versions of Windows. Things are not too different in Windows 10 too and F1 key is the preferred method here too. However, in other apps, F1 button lands the user on the Help section; while in Windows 10, F1 button takes a user to the Bing search engine on the default browser. The user then gets to see “get help in windows 10” page. In devices where the F1 key is not activated, users need to activate the F1 key by holding down the start button while pressing the F1 key simultaneously. Once the F1 key is activated, the user is good to go. In some rare cases, the Function lock needs to be disabled by pressing the Fn Lock button.

Reach out to Microsoft Support

If users are not satisfied by the F1 key, they can always take the help of Microsoft support. To do this, users need to press the start button and keep scrolling till he reaches the Contact support/Get Help icon. Clicking this icon will take the user to an options page where he can either choose to chat with Microsoft Support or request for a call – either immediately or at a later convenient time.

Trust the Virtual assistant Cortana

Cortana, the virtual assistant, can be immensely beneficial in clearing fundamental Windows problems – such as shortcuts for various buttons. If it is unable to answer our question directly, it will then direct us to videos which will help solve our problem. In order to activate Cortana, users need to click on the microphone displayed on the menu bar or say “Hey Cortana” if it is already enabled.

Call or Chat with Microsoft

One of the final ways on how to get help Windows 10 is by chatting or scheduling a call with Microsoft. Even after taking help from Contact Support/Get Help; users can choose Additional Assistance Options displayed at the bottom of the window.